Tools and Supplies

I have discovered an amazing pencil –the Steadler Mars Omnichrom. And this one pencil is used for most of the portrait. It allows me to have a wide range of values from very light tones to solid black.

The other tools include a 2H pencil for sketching in, pencil extenders, white pencils, the #11 Exacto blade for use as an eraser and for adding white lines, tortillion sticks for blending, and a brush for clearing debris. The other important selection of tools are pencil sharpeners (not shown), of which I have 5, and erasers, from white plastic to kneaded. The clips are English and were once used by draughtsmen on the old drawing boards.

The tall upright clay pot is like one used by Charles Dickens in the blacking factory where he worked as a child, and works for me to hold some of my pencils.

I use Strathmore or Mohawk papers with a smooth finish and usually choose simple black wood frames, with either a white or black matte board.